Last Time

by Caero

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This was a SUPER fun piece to work on! Hunter was so groovy with his lyrics and I think that led to a lot of the inspiration to how the song played out. This was my first Indie Pop song, as I was trying to go for a different style (I normally produce music with more of a chill vibe to it).


Waking up in the morning with an ache in my head,
theres no one else around and I'm not in my bed,
I always stop to think why I get in this state ,
but my warning comes after its too late.

I rolled out of the bed with just my socks on,
my screen lights up with 6 missed calls on my phone,
my friends are asking me where the hell I am,
it seems that last night got a bit out of hand.


Chorus (x2):
Got turnt a bit to hard,
and don't recall the bar,
oh when I left last night, I'm a little out of mind,
where did I leave my car,
why did I go this far,
looks bad in hindsight, but it's not the last time

My car was parked outside with my wallet and keys,
lucky for me I didn't lose anything,
a few hours past and I'm back with my friends,
alcohol in hand its time to do it again.

Everyone always wonders why I do this to myself
always asking if I need to find some help, But I'm fine,
it's ok no need to mistake my nights for something wrong,
you can always come along.




released February 6, 2016
Lyrics/Vocals/Guitar by Hunter Mullis

Produced by Caero



all rights reserved


Caromusician Moreno Valley, California

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